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Final chance to enter the 2024 DataIQ Awards and demonstrate your team’s prowess

The final deadline for submissions to the 2024 DataIQ Awards – 26 April – is rapidly approaching, so make sure you have entered to clinch a title.
Overview of the 2023 DataIQ Awards ceremony

The shortlist of potential winners will be revealed on 19 June, and the ultimate ceremony will take place on 26 September. 

To be nominated for a DataIQ Award is a huge honour and demonstrates the growing talent and ingenuity of data practitioners. The reputation of each business previously listed has grown, and the profile of individuals listed for their achievements have rapidly grown. Previous nominees have spoken about how entering these awards has been a strong motivator for the team and raising the standing of the data office within a business. 

2023 DataIQ Awards winners
2023 DataIQ Awards winners.

Submissions can be placed until the 26 April deadline at £360 per entry.

The judging panel is made up of data and analytics industry leaders. DataIQ does not score any of the entries; winners are based on the judge’s scoring only with PwC as an external partner to overview the judging process.

The judging criteria differs for each category, so make sure you view the categories page to give yourself the best chance of winning. 

The DataIQ Awards Masterclass recording can be viewed here. In the video, judges and previous winners discuss what is required from an entry to give it the best chance of claiming a title.

Nominations for the Lifetime Achievement Award can be submitted free of charge. 

This year marks the 12th year of the DataIQ Awards and previous winners in the DataIQ Hall of Fame can be seen here. 

Enter the 2024 DataIQ Awards before the 26 April deadline here.  

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