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The boardroom of today is a difficult place to be, executives...

petergaldiesThe boardroom of today is a difficult place to be, executives are being presented with challenge after challenge – a difficult financial environment, increasing regulation & risk, more open competition via the Internet and selective consumers with restricted spending are all headaches for the busy people at the top.

Do these people want to know about data? Probably not – so how does the modern data professional get enough airtime and support to move projects forward?

Although our enlightened community understands that Data and IT are different, but related disciplines, all too often we don’t see the same understanding at board levels – so challenging business leaders to re-orientate their thinking, business structures and budgets is harder than ever.

However there is some good news – a new type of professional is emerging, one who intrinsically understands that data is built into the DNA of modern business and that those businesses which seek to maximise the use of their data are carving out new and better business opportunities.

These individuals think data but talk business, they can “sell” data projects to the boardroom by giving the story in business terms; more sales, better profits, decreased costs and better value.

As data professionals we all need to recognise, embrace and learn to be business people, because better data really does mean better business.

Our next major event, DataIQNow!  – will help middle and senior level data professionals will focus on the challenges facing getting data the focus it really needs for successful business. The event takes place on May 1st 2013 in Central London.

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