Data office readiness for generative AI

New findings lay out how business and data leaders are introducing, adopting and scaling the latest generative AI tools to improve business with data-led decisions.

To place your business in front of the competition requires investment financially and in time, as well as the ability to explain clearly and concisely how and why a certain approach is required. The report findings can help data leaders gauge their position against other players in the industry and prepare for the next era of data-driven operations through gen AI tools.  

Key findings include:

  • Organisations and teams are not fully prepared for AI: 95% of team members stated they are optimistic about AI and its impact, but there are mixed confidence levels. The findings show there is concern surrounding the prioritisation of action from leaders when it comes to preparing teams, processes and platforms for a gen AI future.
  • Generative AI will disrupt work practices: 64% of business and IT leaders believe that AI will maintain or increase the number of human roles at their organisation in the next year. Most of those surveyed for the report expect headcount to increase by up to 9%.
  • AI-first is key to competitive advantage: 92% of respondents believe their organisation must shift to an AI-first operating model in 2024 to remain competitive. Furthermore, the majority of those questioned agree digital investments need to increase like-for-like with gen AI investments.
  • Democratisation is the future: 97% of respondents use AI in their current role weekly, with 57% using it daily. The most common use for AI is automating regular repetitive tasks with many expecting AI tools to play into innovation projects in the next 12 months. 

Click here to download the latest report and see how your AI journey compares to data leaders across the globe.

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