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AI Awards 2024 – AI for Good Champion: Seth Dobrin, Qantm AI

Dr Seth Dobrin has been recognized as the 2024 AI for Good Champion due to his ongoing leadership in multiple sectors to highlight the beneficial power of AI. 
AI Awards 2024 - AI for Good Champion – Seth Dobrin

Dr Seth Dobrin’s diligent work across ethical and responsible AI development was shown to epitomize what an AI for Good Champion truly means. With unwavering dedication to the cause and repeatedly demonstrating how AI tools can be a driving change for good, Dr Dobrin clearly demonstrated why he was best placed to win the title AI for Good.  

Dr Dobrin was IBM’s inaugural Global Chief AI Officer, he then had a pivotal role at the helm of the Responsible AI Institute, and then his work at the founding of Qantm AI all solidify his position as a trailblazer, relentlessly championing the ethical and responsible deployment of AI technologies. 

“Dr Seth Dobrin’s career trajectory and dedication to AI for Good initiatives demonstrate an unwavering commitment to harnessing AI’s potential for societal benefit.” – Judges’ comment. 

Dr Dobrin has taken a resolute stance against technological colonialism (the trend of dominant global technology companies exerting significant control over the cultural, economic, and political domains of less powerful groups), advocating for a more equitable and inclusive technological landscape, which needs to be commended. His ardent support for diversity in data and AI by actively supporting organizations such as Women Leaders in Data and AI and Wonder Women Tech underscores his dedication as a vocal ally and advocate in fostering an environment of inclusivity. The efforts put in by Dr Dobrin in this realm enrich the diversity of the industry and provide a greater talent pool for future AI developments that aim to be free of biases and inequality.  

Furthermore, Dr Dobrin’s steadfast belief in the power of collaboration and knowledge-sharing has made his work accessible and exciting for up-and-coming data leaders. He has been a vocal proponent of open-source initiatives and public-private partnerships, recognizing that the challenges humanity faces require collective effort and a spirit of cooperation transcending traditional boundaries. 

Dr Dobrin’s commitment to responsible and inclusive AI extends beyond his professional endeavors. He has proactively and repeatedly supported innovative start-ups focusing on responsible, safe, and green AI, particularly those that empower diverse founders and teams from underrepresented groups. To support this further, Dr Dobrin is part of a small team launching a $300 million global venture fund and incubator aimed at nurturing early-stage startups. 

“Dr Dobrin’s advocacy for diversity and inclusion in AI and his support for underrepresented founders underscore a genuine commitment to creating a more equitable and inclusive technological landscape, further emphasizing his dedication to AI for Good initiatives.” – Judges’ comment. 

The concept that AI must be developed and implemented with an unwavering commitment to human-focused values is at the core of Dr Dobrin’s philosophy. This approach aligns seamlessly with the ethical dimensions requisite for the AI for Good ethos and paves the way for groundbreaking applications with untold benefits. Throughout his career, Dr Dobrin has demonstrated a robust and pragmatic approach towards the responsible usage of AI, setting the benchmark.  

It was felt that Dr Dobrin truly personifies the AI for Good champion archetype through his unyielding advocacy for the ethical and globally inclusive utilization of AI. His leadership in propelling AI towards addressing societal challenges and his devotion to creating a milieu where AI serves as a potent force for good were particularly noted by the judging panel.  

The AI for Good Champion title has been awarded to Dr Dobrin due to his amalgamation of technical acumen, ethical insight, and the practical application of AI in resolving real-world issues. From leveraging AI to combat climate change and promote sustainability to developing AI-driven solutions for healthcare and education, Dr Dobrin’s work has had an unmistakable impact on improving the lives of individuals and communities globally.   

“Dr Dobrin’s nomination for AI for Good Champion exemplifies his exceptional passion and commitment, strategic vision and innovation, as well as collaboration and empowerment efforts. Dr Dobrin’s leadership and advocacy exemplify the transformative potential of AI for societal benefit, making him an outstanding candidate for this recognition.” – Judges’ comment. 

AI Awards 2024
Year: 2024
Category: AI for Good Champion

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