Doing genAI at scale

One of the main talking points at DataIQ events in 2023 and 2024 has been genAI.

A DataIQ roundtable discussion of community data leaders examined how businesses should use genAI at scale while highlighting issues such as compliance and internal adoption.

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DataIQ Members briefing: Attracting, nurturing and retaining talent – tips from the DataIQ 100

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Over a quarter (27%) of the DataIQ 100 2022 edition say that the demanding market for data skills and difficulties in finding talent are a significant issue for their data plans. A variety of approaches are being adopted to resolve the problem, ranging from recruiting out of non-traditional backgrounds to providing ongoing skills development. This briefing lays out the common points identified from an analysis of this year’s Q&As. 

DataIQ Member’s briefing – Is finance the next big skills area for data leaders?

Finance and Data.jpg

Finances rule a huge part of business operations, so should data leaders consider finance skills the next big area of focus? There has been ongoing debate about how data teams can communicate with other departments and how this influences the value and standing of data. A group of DataIQ members explored the ways in which delving into finance skills could be the next way to improve businesses.

DataIQ Leaders briefing – How do we ensure data keeps its seat in the big conversations?


How can data offices and data leaders maintain their position at the table for large organisational conversations? In recent years, data offices have worked hard to establish their value and legitimacy, so how can this continue now that data is a regular part of beard discussions? A recent DataIQ roundtable discussed the different ways that this can be achieved.