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Jim Oliver, VP, Chief Analytics Officer, eBay

What has been your path to power? 

Oliver joined eBay in his current role in early 2021, after six years at Sam’s Club where he was hired in 2014 by the CEO to build its analytics team. After delivering analytics, reporting, insights, and experiments for web site, marketing, membership, and merchandising as VP, member and business intelligence, he moved up to the role of VP analytics, insights and decision sciences.

This saw his role expanded to lead analytics, reporting to the chief member officer and managing a 75 person team working to improve decisions, accountability, business results, and the customer experience across e-commerce, marketing, operations, merchandising, and product. The diverse team delivered analytics, experiments, AI/ML tools, business intelligence, data infrastructure, behavioral science, and customer experience insights.

Oliver is a goal-oriented and accomplished executive with a demonstrated track record utilizing data and analytics to deliver business growth, improve customer experiences, and create data-driven tools and products. He creates innovative business solutions utilizing leading-edge technology and algorithms to maximize growth and customer delight. 

Jim Oliver
has been included in:
  • No. 7 100 Brands 2022 (USA)