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Ana Armenta, Director Data Insight, AT&T

What has been your path to power? 

Armenta started her career as a speech technologist for Telefónica I+D developing text to speech synthesis technology through machine learning before moving to the data side of the business in 2010. As a data scientist, Armenta worked on customer acquisition predictive models and customer churn predictive models, as well as analytical models for business intelligence and inferring customer’s psychological treats through phone usage data. In 2012 Armenta became the analytics initiative leader, where she led the Big Data analytics team to define product roadmaps, promote data innovation and manage business intelligence relationships.

In 2014, Armenta joined AT&T where she continued focusing on Big Data to develop greater product business and form solutions to build new functionality that can be leveraged by existing and future Big Data products. Since joining AT&T, Armenta has been the lead product development manager, principal advanced analytics, associate director big data insights, and her current role as director data insights which she has held since the end of 2017.

Ana Armenta
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