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Jaya Kolhatkar, Chief Data Officer, Hulu

What has been your path to power? 

As CDO at Hulu, Kolhatkar is helping the premium streaming service which offers live and on-demand TV and movies to become great at data. She has brought over 20 years of deep domain experience to the company, including having been the co-founder and chief analytics officer at Inkuru, a predictive analytics company that used shoppers buyers habits to optimise e-commerce store layouts and which was acquired by Walmart. 

As part of WalmartLabs, she worked across Walmart Retail, Sam’s Club and Walmart International as SVP, data and analytics platform. Kolhatkar’s career spans internet giants Amazon, eBay and PayPal, having started out in the financial services sector before moving to the e-commerce and digital services space.

Jaya Kolhatkar
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  • 100 Brands 2022 (USA)