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Kate Strachnyi, Founder, DATAcated

Describe your career to date

My journey in the professional world is all about diving deep into data and sharing what I learn with others. I started in the data and analytics space, realizing early on how powerful data can be in making decisions and understanding the world better. To spread this knowledge, I founded DATAcated, a platform where I aim to make data science easy and accessible for everyone and work with clients to help with brand awareness and content amplification.  

Through DATAcated, I host webinars, workshops, and conferences to break down complex data topics into something anyone can understand. I have also written books and created online courses, especially for LinkedIn Learning, focusing on personal branding, data careers, and other topics. Social media and professional networking, like LinkedIn and YouTube, have been crucial for me. I use these platforms to connect with others in the data science community, share insights, and learn from others.  

I have been involved in organizing and speaking at industry events, which has been a great way to meet like-minded people and spread knowledge. My goal is to create engaging and unique pieces of content to cut through the noise and educate my audience. 

What challenges do you see for data in the year ahead that will have an impact on you and on the industry as a whole?  

There is a growing skills gap in the industry. The rapid evolution of data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies makes it hard to stay up to date. Just keeping track of the latest tools and methodologies is tough and time consuming. Then learning how everything ties together adds even more complexity. 

How do you see data literacy developing across a) your network and b) the data industry generally? 

The majority of my network are data literate and have a good understanding of how to read, write, analyze, and tell stories with data. From my non-data friends, I have noticed a push towards understanding data basics, especially as it relates to their use cases of generative AI. I am a big proponent of business literacy where we encourage the data teams to learn the language of the business and help bridge the gap even more. 

How do you see the industry preparing for AI adoption and change management? 

We will see all industries adopting AI at different levels. The use-cases are so numerous that it is important to get on the wagon or you will be left behind. The bigger struggle will be getting the people on board. There will likely be heavy investment into change management consulting services to help facilitate the process. Additionally, an investment in education and training to ensure a smooth transition and adoption of AI. 

Kate Strachnyi
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