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Noam Zeigerson, Chief Data Officer, Tandem Bank

Path to power

I have over 17 years’ experience in data and analytics, during which time I have been the founder and chief technology officer of Aimee Soft and executive vice-president of data and analytics at Bank Hapoalim, one of Israel’s largest banks. 


While there I built a greenfield data lake to minimise disruption, introduced over 30 open source technologies and launched the big data environment to allow the ability for real-time analytics.


In my current role, I oversee the ongoing data points, training artificial intelligence and data governance. I also lead on analysis and data insights that inform business strategy and customer value.


What is the proudest achievement of your career to date?

Before developing AI systems, I was deeply into the business intelligence world, which I found very inefficient due to the need for expert analysts to build valuable reports. This drove me to building my first AI system, Aimee, to be an autonomous machine reading thousands of reports and optimising decisions automatically. I understood the cost of inefficient learning curves that Aimee continually struggled with and knew that I must find a way to effectively load business knowledge onto the AI. My biggest achievement was inventing the tools and methodologies, transforming the business analysis work into the AI framework.


Who is your role model or the person you look to for inspiration?

In 2014, Stephen Hawking said to USA Today that “we are all now connected by the Internet, like neurons in a giant brain”. That was my inspiration to invent the systems that bring together business analysis and artificial intelligence. I’m also very excited about Elon Musk’s plans to build a crewed base on Mars for an extended surface presence.


Did 2019 turn out the way you expected? If not, in what ways was it different?

2019 exceeded my expectations, as AI technologies became a commodity on almost all main cloud providers and the interest of brilliant young university graduates wanting to join the AI team at Tandem is amazing. Both things allow the industry almost unlimited resources to increase the progress of AI solutions. 


What do you expect 2020 to be like for the data and analytics industry?

There are actually two data industries. The technology companies, small and large, will keep evolving the open-source cloud-based AI tools. Data teams will increase their R&D and programmatic capabilities and focus on actionable insights, alerts and eventually AI. The traditional non-tech companies will keep exploring the new tools but will eventually look at the traditional vendors for data analytics like IBM, Oracle and SAP, and therefore keep delivering limited innovative use cases. 


Data and technology are changing business, the economy and society – what do you see as the biggest opportunity emerging from this?

The evolution of technology is part of the evolution of humanity. Artificial intelligence is our biggest opportunity to improve our personal achievements as it is being deployed in more fields of our lives. Business leaders who adopt intelligent machines as part of their value proposition to customers will be tomorrow’s leaders. 


What is the biggest tech challenge you face in ensuring data is at the heart of your digital transformation strategy?

Tandem is a fully digital bank that runs on AI. The biggest tech challenge we face is collaboration with the adtech industry. Owning your paid channels activity is a strategic move that requires a solid partnership between us as a brand and the DMP, DSP vendors. In our journey, we invest highly in ways to integrate our AI capabilities with the adtech tools to ensure maximum efficiency and return. 

Noam Zeigerson
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