Commercial Literacy

This 2 hour private digital workshop will show you how to think commercially, build your knowledge of different parts of the business, and use that knowledge to create better outcomes. It will help you to develop not only your understanding of financial principles, but also the different forces at play that influence business performance and overall success.

Typical challenges this course will help you address include:

  • How can I build my knowledge of different parts of the business to improve my
    understanding of what influences success in our organisation when I work with so many parts of the business on so many projects?
  • How do I integrate business understanding and financial information into my recommendations to achieve greater impact with stakeholders?
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Learning outcomes:

  • Learn about business principles and the key behaviours that demonstrate commercial acumen.
  • Understand that commercial acumen goes beyond just financial literacy and requires a broad level of knowledge across strategy, economics and behavioural sciences.
  • Discover the secret to building your business knowledge quickly and effectively.
  • Learn how apply your business knowledge to your work to make commercial judgements and build valuations into recommendations.

Price £3495+VAT (includes up to 16 attendees)

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