Presentation Skills

This full day in-person session will show you how to influence stakeholder decisions by providing clear direction and inspiration in your presentation delivery. It will provide you with multiple tools and techniques for engaging the room from the outset, instilling your presentation with a clear direction for maximum impact and delivering with confidence, authority and authenticity.

Typical challenges this course will help you address include:

  • How do I overcome my nerves and deliver a confident and credible presentation?
  • How do I make sure I know my presentation inside out without overthinking it or making it sound overly scripted?
  • How do I deliver with impact in the room with different stakeholders to ensure engagement?
  • How to balance the need to deliver insight content with the need to create an audience experience that facilitates comprehension and  assimilation
  • How do I deal with negative responses, awkward questions and unnecessary tangents to ensure you meet the overall objectives for your presentation?
David Reed addressing an audience about silos.
Four CDOs sitting on a panel in front of an audience of data professionals.

Key take-outs from the training include:

  • The importance of being crystal clear in our presentation objective and our strategy for how we are going to get there and what to do if go off track
  •  The importance of demonstrating high levels of energy at the very start and end of the delivery, rather than slowly warming up and petering off
  • The value in strategic pauses to help keep ourselves in check and to encourage a response from the audience, especially if they are drifting
  • The importance of creating audience engagement through interactivity, questions, and verbal cues
  • The role of breathing and using props (such as a glass of water) to help manage the pace and pauses

Learning outcomes

  • Find out why preparing your presentation content is not enough and how having a clear objective and understanding of the audience matters the most
  • Discover how to balance the need to deliver content with the need to deliver an audience experience and what this means for how your structure your time
  • Learn tips and tricks to help you get into the right head-space to give the best presentation you can, regardless of the circumstances
  • Improve your ability to engage the room and deliver with impact from the outset
  • Understand how the 6P’s can help you to deliver with authority and authenticity

Price £4,995 +VAT (includes up to 16 attendees and is only available in-person and on-site)

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