Successful Project Planning

This 2 hour digital workshop will provide you with practical planning frameworks to use in brainstorms and briefing meetings to improve the quality of project. It will help you to engage, challenge a co-create with stakeholders to get to a better brief and project scope that will set you up for success.

Typical challenges this course will help you address include:

  • How do I practically assess feasibility when a stakeholders come with a request to
    inform my proposal?
  • How do we set and manage expectations to avoid scope creep and the impact on
    other work?
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Data professional working on a computer to achieve a data strategy.

Key take-outs from the training include:

  • The importance of ‘going slow, to go fast’ and the need to properly triage and scope requests to avoid unnecessary effort, waste of resources and needless iteration.
  • The fact that we need to assess the business value of the request first before we start thinking about how we will do the work – start with the why.
  • The value in doing some homework on the context and problem statement to give stakeholders something to respond to when we ask them to fill the gaps in the brief.
  •  The importance of nailing the killer question with stakeholders so we are all clear about what we are doing before proceeding with the request.
  • The role of hypothesis generation in extracting preconceptions, expectations, prior knowledge and assumptions from the heads of our stakeholders.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand the reason for inadequate briefs and how we can assist stakeholders to give us what we need to go a good job for them.
  • Learn how to triage new requests to ensure they align with strategies or commercially valuable outcomes.
  • Discover how to ask the right questions to nail the killer question and identify hypotheses.
  • Learn how to both co-create and negotiate to refine the final project scope.
  • Find out how hypothesis generation can lead to better analysis, synthesis and insight outcomes.


Price £3,495 +VAT (includes up to 16 attendees)

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