About this advisory board

Data Culture and Literacy

The influential business leaders who sit on our six pillar advisory boards support the development of DataIQ members with vision, guidance and advocacy.

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Topics of interest include:

  • Moving towards evidence-based decision-making.
  • Enabling communication when dealing with data.
  • Ensuring data is a valued part of the vision.
  • Building a data culture.
  • The ability for data users to access the data they need.
  • Individual abilities to understand, interpret and draw meaningful conclusions from data.
  • Establishing key relationships with business stakeholders and building better briefs as a result.
Diane Berry​

Diane Berry​

Chief Data and Analytics Officer​

Phoenix Group

Aimee Smith​​

Aimee Smith

Director of Data

Metropolitan Police Service

Naras Eechambadi​​

Naras Eechambadi

Chief Global Data and Analytics Officer

Universal Music Group

As a member you are encouraged to suggest topics or questions for our advisory boards to consider. Please feel free to use the form below, and we will address your request to the board at the next opportunity: