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AI Awards 2024 – Best Place to Work in AI and Data – Client-Side: Mars Wrigley

Mars Wrigley has been selected as the Best Place to Work in AI and Data – Client-Side at the 2024 DataIQ AI Awards. 
AI Awards 2024 - Best Place to Work in AI and Data – Client-Side – Mars Wrigley

Mars Wrigley boasts a culture based on innovation, excellence, responsibility, collaboration, diversity, and inclusion that values and supports AI and data professionals, and the judging panel agreed that this permeates through the whole organization.  

The organization is highly active in the wider community and offers AI and data professionals opportunities to apply their skills in the CPG industry by partnering with academia (Northeastern, University College London, Wharton, and NYU) and non-profits including Women Leaders in Data and Analytics and Responsible AI Institute.  

“Mars Wrigley’s global presence and strategic partnerships offer AI and data professionals exciting opportunities for growth and collaboration.” – Judge’s comment. 

AI and data professionals at Mars Wrigley benefit from strong and strategic partnerships with some of the top tech companies and start-ups in the world, such as Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. These connections provide professionals with access to the latest and most advanced technologies, platforms, and resources, fostering collaborative, innovative, and cutting-edge solutions for the industry and consumers.  

Mars Wrigley has consistently shown investment in its talent through programs such as the Mars AI Learning and Innovation Lab. This AI lab demystifies and democratizes AI, and experiments with cutting-edge AI technology to ensure essential upskilling of Mars associates. 

“Mars Wrigley’s commitment to fostering a culture of innovation and learning through initiatives like the AI Innovation and Learning Lab is commendable.” – Judges’ comment. 

There has been a constant drive to deliver quality, variety, and value at Mars Wrigley, and this requires investment into the data office and the data talent at large. Mars Wrigley has strived to be an organization where AI and data professionals can find meaning and purpose in their work, and where they can make a positive and lasting impact. 

AI and data professionals at Mars Wrigley help identify and analyze new and emerging trends and opportunities, such as consumer preferences, behaviors, and needs that inform product and service development and innovation. The data team is active in designing and testing experimental products and services, such as functional, organic, and vegan, that attract new and niche segments and markets. Moreover, the data team’s efforts are essential in scaling and adapting Mars Wrigley products and services including localization, customization, and personalization that meet the expectations and requirements of different regions and cultures.   

The data team at Mars Wrigley has been pivotal in the optimization and improvement of operations and processes, including supply chain, manufacturing, and distribution, which can have a large impact on the environment for a global company. The data team have helped measure and enhance the social and environmental performance of the business, such as carbon footprint, water usage, and waste management, demonstrating knowledge of the responsibility and leadership of the business, and increasing the business’s level of trust and reputation from consumers.   

“The nomination effectively highlights Mars Wrigley’s mission to create better moments for consumers and its commitment to social and environmental causes.” – Judges’ comment. 

AI Awards 2024
Year: 2024
Category: Best Place to Work in AI and Data

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