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DataIQ Awards 2021 winner – Best data and analytics team (Data Enablers): Newton Digital

DataIQ Awards 2021 winner - Best data and analytics team (Data Enablers): Newton Digital

During 2020 and into 2021, the Newton Digital team grew from 18 to 42 people. Despite most never having met in person due to lockdown and Covid-related restrictions, a supportive culture has been created that has been able to deliver innovative and impactful solutions for clients.

The company has a data-led methodology that focuses on solving its clients’ biggest problems using digital capabilities. Across the public sector, defence, retail and food manufacturing, it has been able to identify cost-saving solutions worth over £550 million. With a contingency fee model, revenue is only created once promised value is delivered.

Projects delivered over the last year include identifying 2.3 million people who were shielding during the pandemic, creating a data set on 22,500 older people in Cornwall who needed support and building a recommendation algorithm for voluntary support for older people in Greenwich. The team built digital twins for the complex assets stockpiled by the Ministry of Defence which often have a 25-year lifespan, saving £20 million already with a lifetime prediction of £150 million in total cost savings. 

Commercial sector projects included applying internet of things and machine learning to food manufacturing, saving £7 million annually. Machine learning was also applied to fault management in the UK’s largest e-commerce distribution centre, leading to an increased throughput of 259,000 items daily.

Client testimonials demonstrate the impact the company has had. “The complexity that we’re dealing with here is what these guys excel at – Newton are experts at solving complex problems,” said the CEO of Marks and Spencer. “Before, our forecasts didn’t talk to each other, we had different insight in different forecasts and there’s was no one version of the truth,” said a commercial manager at Tulip.

To achieve this, Newton Digital has embedded a data analytics team into a major retail client, built a self-service analytics platform for UK Government to support data-driven Brexit decision-making, introduced agile working into a major engineering client, and integrated data teams across three hospitals, a clinical commissioning group and a County Council to make better data-driven decisions on patient care, among other projects.

DataIQ Awards 2021
Year: 2021
Category: Best Data and Analytics Team

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