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DataIQ Awards 2021 winner – Breakthrough with data: Global

DataIQ Awards 2021 winner - Breakthrough with data: Global

Coronavirus and lockdown had a devastating impact on the outdoor media market which, combined with fundamental shifts in audio listenership and weak advertiser confidence, presented a major challenge to media owner Global. In response, it unified separate media businesses and created a combined commercial data function out of its standalone audio, outdoor, broadcast and digital silos.

Seizing this opportunity, the data function integrated its data sets, realigned its objectives and built a new analytical approach. This has led to smarter and innovative ways for advertisers to plan, target and measure their activities across Global’s media channels.

Common data currencies, fields and keys were identified across data sets, such as location, time stamp, device ID and log-in, combine with segmentation codes. Data engineering built these into a single data warehouse with greater flexibility and cross-channel tracking.

Dashboards, platforms, revenue systems and even coding languages were streamlined to create a more rational environment that supported three key advertiser objectives: planning, targeting, measurement. By ensuring shared objectives, data and analytics were kept aligned with clients’ goals.

Across this new data warehouse, four new analytical approaches have been applied: match (cross-device digital ID), mirror (reflecting digital listening in linear channels), map (synch connected location to outdoor location) and model (identify lookalike audiences using a proprietary algorithm). 

This supported innovative advertising products that have allowed Vodafone and American Express to plan multi-touch campaigns across a day, Samsung and The Co-op to target audiences in both outdoor and audio by location, Uber and Jack Daniels to update digital posters dynamically around tube stations, TSB and BT to run integrated campaigns across all media, Chanel and Disney+ to target mobile audiences on billboards, Honda and Lego to weight outdoor activity in response to conversion rates, and UK Government and Mitsubishi to track footfall around road, rail and retail sites as lockdown eased.

As well as delivering substantial business results for Global, data now has equal status within commercial presentations to advertisers alongside on-air content, broadcast talent, stadium events, iconic billboard sites and brand partnerships.

DataIQ Awards 2021
Year: 2021
Category: Breakthrough with Data

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