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DataIQ Awards 2021 winner – Data champion: Di Mayze, WPP

DataIQ Awards 2021 winner - Data champion: Di Mayze

Mayze joined WPP as its first global head of data and AI in January 2020 with a mission to be the evangelist for data as both a business opportunity and being all about people. To manage this, she has focused on a data culture transformation to ensure data is on the mind of everybody in the organisation.

Key elements of this include launching an open data and AI community within WPP which now has over 3,000 members. In parallel, she launched an AI Academy which is intending to up-skill 5,000 data practitioners across the group. She also invited 100 of the most senior data and AI leaders into a chief data officer group to share models, challenges and products. Co-ordinating with ten of the group’s largest agencies, she has co-created the first set of data ethics for the business.

The broadest canvas on which she has been painting the story of data is the Demistify AI series which delivers content to 50,000 colleagues in WPP. Content has been created in partnership with the Open Data Institute, Territory Studio and Synthesia. Further, Mayze has written “Data 2030” predicting the future of data nine years out.

Mayze is constantly mentoring data practitioners internally and externally, especially as an advocate for female colleagues. She was a member of the original joint IBM/WPP initiative aimed at bringing women in tech together. This has led to an influential relationship with Microsoft around responsible AI and data ethics.

DataIQ Awards 2021
Year: 2021
Category: Data Champion

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