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2. Jane Rheem

Jane Rheem, Chief Data and Analytics Officer, Zurich North America

Describe your career to date

Proven transformational leader in the strategic alignment and execution of advanced technology – data, analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI) – to achieve business goals. Currently responsible for all aspects of data management, including governance, data acquisition and integration, and the development of advanced analytics and artificial intelligence capabilities and products.

Data literacy is a key enabler of the value and impact from data. How are you approaching this within your organization? 

We are taking a multipronged approach to data literacy. Ensuring democratization of our data governance tooling provides transparency and enables the business community with a structured and standardized way to understand business definitions, rules and calculations. Our data culture program helps our organization understand our collective data values and provides a forum to articulate our path to maturity as a holistic organization.

What role do you play in building and delivering conventional AI solutions, including machine learning models? Are you involved in your organization’s adoptions of generative AI?

My department is responsible for the building and delivering both conventional AI and ML models as well as generative AI models.

Have you set out a vision for data? If so, what is it aiming for and does it embrace the whole organization or just the data function?

Our vision for data is to reimagine how data and AI can enable insurance value change. By deeply embedding AI into our business processes, we enhance the decision-making abilities of our employees, generating personalized insights using unstructured and structured data.

2. Jane Rheem
Jane Rheem
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