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Juan Gorricho

Juan Gorricho, VP, Global Data, Chief Data Office, Visa

What has been your path to power? 

At Visa, Gorricho leads a 80-plus team responsible for driving data use, including data acquisition and architecture, data governance and quality, and data product delivery for internal decision-making as part of the recently-formed chief data officer organization. In this role, he is responsible for key platforms such as global business intelligence, the artificial intelligence platform, global merchant data, and the identity platform used by more than 3,000 users, all of which enable more than $400 million in revenue per year for Visa.

Gorricho and the CDO organisation are leading Visa’s modernization of its data capabilities through cloud adoption aimed at reducing cost of ownership and time to market by at least 50% for internal and external data products. This includes key capabilities such as enterprise data governance, including data quality and a data catalog.

Prior to joining Visa, he was senior vice president, data and analytics at a credit card payments processor, having spent ten years at The Walt Disney Company. His time there culminated in becoming the first chief data and analytics officer at Partners Federal Credit Union, reporting to the CEO, leading the implementation of a data and analytics strategy. Partners Federal Credit Union exclusively serves the employees and cast members of the The Walt Disney Company in the United States.

Juan Gorricho
Juan Gorricho
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  • No. 4 100 Brands 2022 (USA)