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Andrea Mestriner, Global Head of Analytics Products, Yoox Net-A-Porter Group

Path to power


Mestriner has nearly 13 years’ experience in the e-commerce domain, spanning technology, product management, data and analytics. He set up his product recommendation start-up in the US which was acquired by Expedia in 2009. Subsequently, Andrea joined Expedia where he fulfilled a host of roles in platform technology integration, product management (both customer and supplier focus) and, finally, in website and mobile apps optimisation. There, he had an active part in building the data platform to enable a fast integration of various datasets from the different tools used to monitor customer feedback, customer experience, website/apps performance to identify “frictions” to purchase and increase revenue and customer satisfaction. While at Expedia, he cultivated his interest in customer and marketing analytics and the need to apply a growth mindset to this domain.
Most recently, Mestriner held the role of head of data analytics, visualisation and experimentation at European tech giant Just Eat. There, he built a team of 24 professionals covering all aspects of analytics and visualisation. His main focus at Just Eat was developing the company’s experimentation centre of excellence from scratch, leading the migration to a new, more powerful data platform set-up, designed to enable democratisation of data and empower non-technical/analytical stakeholders to make self-serviced, data-driven decisions.
in 2019, he is starting a new adventure with the Yoox Net-A-Porter Group as global head of analytics products to oversee the analytics data platform, its adoption and democratisation to enable a data-driven transformation in the company.


What has been the highlight of your career in the industry to date?


I could find several highlights in terms of achievements and good results, but the main one has been the ability to apply what I learned and I love in my day-to-day while discovering new things and increasing my knowledge.


If you could give your younger self some advice about how to progress in this industry, what would it be?


Do not underestimate the importance of knowing the technical aspects of data platforms and be sure that you spent enough time to enjoy being a doer because it is what will allow you to select the right people to help you.


Did 2018 turn out the way you expected? If not, in what ways was it different?


In general, yes, good progress on the several focus areas selected, even if GDPR added some headache and slowed down some progress in the customer marketing area.


What do you expect 2019 to be like for the industry?


I expect 2019 to be the year when we finally knock down some of the entry barriers that still force data to be a separate world in a company instead of a pure enabler.


Talent and skills are always a challenge to find – how are you tackling this in your organisation?


You need to nourish your best talent to be sure they see they have a bright future, engage in external activities to let your team know the right circles, develop a company-wide programme for graduates and give internal candidates an opportunity to consider a career in data.


What aspect of data, analytics or their use are you most optimistic about and why?


How analytical capabilities are becoming a lot more accessible than ever before, that we are seeing an increased focus on gender balance in the STEM area, connected to more interest towards this topic within the younger generations.

Andrea Mestriner
has been included in:
  • 100 Brands 2019 (EMEA)