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Dr Andy Moore

Dr Andy Moore, Chief Data Officer, Bentley Motors

Describe your career to date


I have over 25 years of experience within the automotive industry, much of that time at Bentley Motors. I started my career as an NVH Engineer, moved into Programme Management, then helped set up a Digitalisation department. In November 2022, I had the opportunity to set up a Central Data department as Bentley’s inaugural Chief Data Officer. Part of my role as an NVH engineer involved collecting, processing and presenting large amounts of data. I also helped to build a Neural Network model to predict subjective ratings based on objective data, correlated to listening studies. As a Programme Manager, I collated data from many sources to measure status against target for cost, quality, and timing. As well as communicating with data up to senior exec level, I also developed a good understanding of all business areas. In addition to building a valuable network of contacts across all functional areas, this knowledge of real business challenges has helped inform my current data strategy. The Digitalisation department was set up to inspire and accelerate the use of technology at a time when Industry 4.0, battery electric technology, connected car, and different ownership models were starting to disrupt the legacy automotive industry. I established a future digital talent programme to bring in new talent as Data Science, Software Developer, and UX Designer degree apprentices. I am now responsible for a data strategy across the pillars of governance, literacy, data cloud, and enablement, and created a team from internal, external, and early careers hires. 

How are you developing the data literacy of your organisation, including the skills of your data teams and of your business stakeholders?  


A central element of the data strategy is the Data Dojo – our literacy programme. Training is offered across seven belts – white belt is a data 101 available to everyone, black belt is degree qualified experienced data professional. The belts in between are designed to build people’s knowledge, as appropriate for their personal development and business role needs. The Data Dojo has been gamified with Bentley ninja bears, with stickers (both virtual and physical) awarded at each belt level. As people complete a level, they are added to a company-wide skills register. This allows us to deliver additional training and engagements targeted at the right level. The training is backed up by building data communities – both cross business (specific for Tableau Creators) and functional (open to anyone). These share best practice, offer drop-in sessions with a data Black Belt, and celebrate success by highlighting projects delivered. 


Have you set out a vision for data? If so, what is it aiming for and does it embrace the whole organisation or just the data function? 


One of the first tasks I undertook as CDO was developing and sharing a data strategy. Bentley has a corporate strategy – Beyond 100 – our ten-year plan targeting sustainable mobility leadership, reinventing every aspect of the business. The plan drives us towards being end-to-end carbon neutral, introducing our first battery electric vehicles, and focusing on extraordinary people and extraordinary customer journeys. The data strategy is set out to underpin this, enabling every area of the business to get more value from data. The data strategy has four pillars – data governance (data council, cataloguing and ownership roles), data cloud (best of breed modern data tools), data dojo (training and community), and enablement (delivering value with data supported by a central team). This data strategy has been shared with the CEO, and top leadership teams for each function to gain buy in and alignment with functional strategies and priorities. It has then been shared through various cross-business forums for awareness. 

Dr Andy Moore
Dr Andy Moore
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