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Dr Joy Buolamwini, Founder, Algorithmic Justice League

What has been your path to power? 

Founder and executive director of The Algorithmic Justice League, Dr Buolamwini has used data, machine learning and the development of facial recognition technologies to highlight problems, biases and social implications of artificial intelligence in order to create a stronger product. Before founding The Algorithmic Justice League in 2016, Dr Buolamwini was a graduate researcher at MIT Media Lab and a resident tutor at Harvard University.

Dr Buolamwini was also a board member and ambassador to Africa for the Georgia Institute of Technology between 2013-2015 during which time she was also the founder and executive director of Zamrize, an IT service that sought to accelerate Zambian IT capabilities and empower young people to create economic opportunities. She was also the volunteer director of global mobile surveying tools for The Carter Center in Ethiopia between 2011-2014.

Dr Joy Buolamwini
has been included in:
  • 100 Influencers 2022 (USA)