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Guy Johnson, Global Chief Data Officer, Belron International

Describe your career to date


I am a global business and IT leader with a rich and diverse experience in data-driven transformation. I started my career in finance, where I learned the importance of data for operational excellence and business performance. Since then, I have led several large-scale information strategy and programmes across service and retail industries, delivering innovative solutions that create value through new business models and growth opportunities. I have a strong track record of leading cross-functional and cross-cultural teams to achieve business objectives. I am passionate about leveraging technology and data to drive positive change and impact in the world.

Data literacy is a key enabler of the value and impact from data. How are you approaching this within your organisation?


I am developing the data literacy of my organisation by implementing a multi tool approach that consists of four main elements: learning academies, communities, change networks, and leadership workshops. These elements are designed to foster a culture of data-driven decision making and problem solving, as well as to enhance the skills and competencies of both data teams and business stakeholders. The approach is also persona based and tailored to the specific needs and goals of each persona, such as data analysts, data engineers, data scientists, business analysts, managers, and executives. By using this approach, I aim to accelerate the data usage and value creation across the organisation.

What are the key challenges to your data function that you are facing as its leader?

As a data leader, I face two main challenges in this fast-paced industry. First, how do I attract, engage, retain, and develop talent that has the skills and curiosity to drive value and change through data? Second, how do I continue to build the data foundations that embed trust, understanding, access, compliance, and value optimisation while adopting new tools such as artificial intelligence (AI) and generative AI? These are the questions that I constantly ask myself and try to find solutions for.

Guy Johnson
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