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Ihab Moawad, Director of CRM and Technology, Samsung Electronics

What has been your path to power?

I’ve always believed in three main ingredients for success: have a strong vision on where you and your team want to be; build a strong empowered team; and have an agile mindset. It’s vital to continually adapt to the needs of both the business and consumer as well as external forces that may be beyond your control. A great example of this is my response to the pandemic.

What impact has the pandemic had on the role of data in your company/organisation?

I don’t believe any business was truly prepared for this event and had to rapidly adjust to adapt to the “new normal”. Our physical retail stores across Europe had to close, while our online business experienced a period of rapid growth. We shifted our use of data to focus on supporting D2C and e-commerce. As a result, all of our transformational data and analytics projects had to be accelerated. These range from using real-time dashboards to make key business decisions to utlising various AI and machine learning technologies to deliver step change across the organisation.

Does data now have a seat at the table during strategic discussions? If not, what will it take to get it there?

At Samsung, data has always been a core part of any strategic discussions. We use data to make more impactful strategic decisions to empower our customers with new technologies to better their lives. Our product teams make incredible devices from folding phones to cutting-edge innovations in TVs and digital appliances. As a marketing team, our purpose is to use data and insight to craft marketing strategies that make these products stand out. A great example of this is our use of machine learning-based propensity modeling to communicate the right product offerings in our messages at the right time to our customers.


What are your key areas of focus for data and analytics in 2022?

I believe the digital transformation accelerated by the pandemic is going to continue to build momentum for online businesses. As these continue to grow, the demand for data, analytics and data-driven marketing increases. My focus this year will be on expanding our capability to support this.


In addition, I believe that the current (multi/hybrid) cloud-era has brought tools and capabilities to handle large volumes of data very efficiently. This will decrease the level of development and increase the time available for insights and knowledge, which then will result in “right data” above “big data”. Implementing these tools will be key for 2022.


Tell us what leadership means to you in the context of your role as a senior data leader.

As a senior data leader, I believe that leadership is made up of two key elements. Firstly, it’s vital to build strong teams where each member trusts each other and understands their colleagues’ skill sets and capabilities. I believe agile ways of working are a key driver to create that environment. Secondly, you need to gain the trust of senior leadership in the data-driven decisions made by your team. Being transparent with your data and using it to deliver strong results will be an important part of this.


What key skills or attributes do you consider have contributed to your success in this role?

Samsung is huge global organisation with a wide range of innovative products. My agility, ability to navigate different organisational cultures and remain resilient are the key skills that have contributed towards my success.

Is the data tech you have keeping pace with your goals and requirements? Are your providers leading or lagging behind your demands?

I would say we are keeping up with the demand. There are always ways to progress, but we focus on value and outputs first.

Ihab Moawad
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