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  • Jane Lauder, Executive Vice President, Enterprise Marketing and Chief Data Officer, The Estée Lauder Companies

Jane Lauder, Executive Vice President, Enterprise Marketing and Chief Data Officer, The Estée Lauder Companies

Describe your career to date

As Chief Data Officer and Executive Vice President, Enterprise Marketing, board member, shareholder and family member, I hold a unique role in the Estée Lauder Companies (ELC).  

As Chief Data Officer, I accelerate ELC’s enterprise-wide innovation strategy, including deployment of artificial intelligence (AI) and ground-breaking technology tools, leveraging my understanding of data and consumer marketing to drive ELC’s marketing, media, digital and data. I lead ELC’s Artificial Intelligence Task Force helping to define and deploy global AI strategies. I have extensive brand experience with the company, serving as Global Brand President for Clinique, where I grew the brand’s online business and launched the brand’s breakthrough digital skin diagnostic tool, Clinique Clinical Reality. I also served as Brand President for the Origins, Ojon, and Darphin brands.  

I am a passionate advocate of talent, helping lead ELC’s gender equity strategy and serves as the executive chair of the company’s global women in leadership efforts. I joined the ELC Board of Directors in 2009. I serve on the Board of Trustees of the New York Public Library, the Board of Directors of the Friends of the High Line in New York City, and the Board of Directors of Eventbrite. I am a member of the Council of the School of Humanities and Sciences, a strategic advisory group to the Dean of Humanities and Science at Stanford University. 

How are you developing the data literacy of your organization, including the skills of your data teams and of your business stakeholders? 

ELC has created a robust data infrastructure, driven in tandem through investments in data management and top-quality talent. Our internal data integration enables us to leverage data to move with speed and agility and drive successful business outcomes. Our insights teams connect trends and consumer behavior to our products and marketing strategies.  

Additionally, we catalyze growth of business KPIs by insourcing leading data science experts. These individuals and systems work closely with colleagues across the organization to proliferate use of data. Not only is this ubiquitous in driving product and marketing decisions, but we utilize insights to drive efficiencies in internal functions that are critical to business success, such as supply chain, human resources, and finance. We also offer myriad training modules for all employees to drive adoption and familiarity with critical data systems. 

What role do you play in building and delivering conventional artificial intelligence solutions, including machine learning models? Are you also involved in your organization’s adoption of generative AI?  

As Chief Data Officer, I am focused on accelerating ELC’s high-touch technology strategy, including deployment of AI and ground-breaking technology tools to advance the way we gather and apply consumer insights, trends and high-touch experiences.  

I lead the company’s Artificial Intelligence Task Force, which has been instrumental in defining and deploying the company’s global AI strategies in support of enterprise operations and consumer outreach. I work closely with our Online, IT and research and development teams to seamlessly integrate AI technology across the business, ensuring that AI works in tandem with our human talent. 

How are you preparing your organization for AI adoption and change management? 

At ELC, technology is always in support of our strategy and enduring strengths: superior product performance and quality, high-touch experiences, and brand-building distribution. AI is no different – ELC’s AI strategy is focused on prioritizing areas that support ELC’s enduring strengths.  

We have built an expansive suite of proprietary data to capitalize on the next wave of technology and to maximize our competitive advantage, across products, formulas, ingredients, consumer data, and creative assets. Our success as a company depends on bringing together human intelligence and AI. 

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