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Jason C Beyer, Vice President, Data and Analytics, Bridgestone

Describe your career to date

My career motivation has been driven by my desire to increase my impact within my organization, with my team members, and in my community. From my time in the active-duty US military all the way to my current role, I have sought out and achieved success in through roles of increasing responsibility. As with each step along the way, I am at the pinnacle but setting my sights even higher. 

I am the overall leader for Data and Analytics at Bridgestone. In this role I am guiding and leading Board-level strategies on artificial intelligence (AI), analytics, data platforms, data governance, and data monetization. I took on this role three years ago and have grown my scope of responsibilities four-fold in complexity, size, and investment. I have launched multiple value creating programs, lead our migration to the cloud, enhanced our communities of practice, and created our first profit center for data products.  

Outside of Bridgestone, I am the Global CDO Ambassador to the State of Tennessee. In this role I have initiated and will launch a Data and Analytics Executive Peer Group comprised of the top leaders in this field from the top employers in the State. I serve on the Editorial Board of the CDO Magazine to advise on content and direction of the publication. I am a frequent speaker, panelist, or participant in major conferences (AWS re:Invent, Gartner, Nashville Analytics Summit).  

Ultimately, I am passionate about the data and analytics craft. I recognize that we are in a moment of evolution, and I feel I can play an important role in shaping how data and analytics leaders operate within their organization and our contributions to society. 

Data literacy is a key enabler of the value and impact from data. How are you approaching this within your organization? 

We formalized a data literacy program early in my tenure in this position. I personally selected a key team member to lead this effort, redirected funding, and build a strategic plan. I then built sponsorship with the Chief Human Resource Officer to align the importance of incorporating data literacy in the enterprise talent development programs. I aligned with the Chief Information Officer the importance of combining data literacy with digital dexterity and convinced them to launch a parallel initiative so the two can move in sync with each other. I reviewed the strategic plan with the Chief Executive Officer and got support to invest further in targeted domains within our organization.  

As we are building literacy across the organization, we are also maturing into fluency within specific functional areas where data acumen has the highest value proposition. I also recognized that data literacy matters most at the point of data consumption. I initiated a data marketplace program to create a new internal portal for teammates to find, discover, request access, and connect with data. This portal serves as a data marketplace and we have indexed over 80% of our databases, reports, and APIs with data quality scores, transparent lineage, and governance controls.  

We have also incorporated data literacy in our new teammate onboarding program. The learning plans, certifications, and credentialling programs have been launched to all team members of the company. We have improved our data literacy scores to or above the targets set for this year. 

What role do you play in building and delivering conventional artificial intelligence solutions, including machine learning models? Are you also involved in your organization’s adoption of generative AI? 

I lead the development, governance, and execution of our AI Strategy, inclusive of generative AI. 


Have you set out a vision for data? If so, what is it aiming for and does it embrace the whole organization or just the data function? 

Our vision is to lead a data-driven culture at Bridgestone built on connected solutions unlocking social, customer, and business value. I established this vision two years ago with my team as part of a three-year strategic plan. This vision embraces the whole organization.  

I lead the data and analytics function and center of excellence. However, we have instilled principles in everything that we do or build that reinforce the importance of empowering all teammates in Bridgestone. For example, we have built a multi-purpose cloud data platform that enables teams to have an empowering data space for their business area. We operate the platform, enforce standards, and ensure that all data is treated as an enterprise asset; which means we are promoting re-useability and consistency across business areas so they can be faster and more efficient.  

We promote the skills and talent development across the organization by establishing a talent framework to guide role promotion, job families, and compensation guidelines for the dedicated roles as well as roles that include data or analytics responsibilities.  

Throughout this vision, we are seen as a value-added partner to the business leaders and their teams. We are connecting data across the channels and brands to draw new insights. We are promoting innovation within empowered teams while partnering with them to extend their solutions to other areas. We are helping them solve the most complex challenges and scaling their solutions. We are a consulting partner, advocate, and enabler. Our vision has come to life because we have approached the organization recognizing that it is a team effort to achieve the vision. We are building capabilities, together. 

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