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Jason Schmidt

Jason Schmidt, Vice President, Global Head of Commercial Data, Condé Nast

Describe your career to date

Over the course of my career, I’ve worn numerous hats in the realm of data, digital media and analytics. I have a particular affinity for the interplay between adtech, martech, fintech and e-commerce, and how these fields can intersect to create truly innovative and personalized experiences for consumers. 


I currently oversee global commercial data for Condé Nast, a global media company that operates a portfolio of 34 brands across 31 markets. We get to help conceive and execute data-driven strategies that fuel the success of iconic brands like Vogue, GQ and The New Yorker. Every month, our video content generates over a billion views, reaching hundreds of millions of consumers across print, digital and social platforms. 


Before joining Condé Nast, I spent close to three years at Mozilla where I focused on monetization platform and product strategy. My mission was to diversify revenue streams by investing in emerging innovations around content and advertising products and services. 


Prior to Mozilla, I was at Triad Retail Media, a WPP/Xaxis-acquired company. Here, I managed platforms that created and operated retail media programs for leading eCommerce properties, helping national brands reach, target and engage shoppers. 


Earlier in my career, I spent over half a decade at Kobie Marketing, a venture-backed leader in loyalty marketing platforms recognized by Forrester. My roles spanned leading product roadmap, technical solutions and infrastructure across multiple channels. 


A few things have remained consistent throughout my journey: I’ve always been passionate about building teams and products, and I thrive on collaboration with smart, driven individuals who challenge me and help me grow. 

What stage has your organization reached on its data maturity journey?

Although I am strong believer that the data maturity lifecycle is always a work in progress for any organization, I feel Condé Nast is at an advanced stage of this journey.  


We’re effectively utilizing data-driven insights across our global brands, constantly refining our strategy and exploring innovative ways to leverage data for personalized experiences, improved analytics and enhanced business decision-making. 


Tell us about the data and analytics resources you are responsible for

As the vice president, global head of commercial data, I manage a diverse group of revenue-minded data and analytics professionals that service our 31 markets around the world.  


During my nearly seven-year tenure at Condé Nast, I have been truly fortunate to lead a number of teams across a range of talents, including marketing science, data products, data engineering, analytics and business strategy.


Positioned at the intersection of product, engineering, marketing and the user experience, these teams help drive the commercial data strategy for Condé Nast’s extensive brand portfolio. We are optimizing the use of data in every aspect of our revenue engagement lifecycle, from content creation to monetization. 

What challenges do you see for data in the year ahead that will have an impact on your organization and on the industry as a whole? 

We all know the landscape of data privacy and ethics is rapidly evolving, presenting significant challenges not only for Condé Nast but for the entire industry. Navigating these changes, particularly in a post-cookie world, is a daunting task.  


As privacy regulations tighten, there’s a pressing need to balance personalization with user privacy. Adapting to new data privacy rules, ensuring ethical use of AI and maintaining consumer trust amid increased scrutiny around data usage are all critical areas of focus for our teams.


The rise of cookie-less browsing and the elimination of third-party cookies require innovative new strategies for personalization and ad targeting but will ultimately be better for the consumer. Additionally, the challenge of maintaining data quality in the face of rapidly increasing data volumes is crucial.  


These complexities necessitate a proactive approach to innovation and adaptability, all while striving to maintain a balance between data-driven insights and user privacy. 


Have you set out a vision for data? If so, what is it aiming for and does it embrace the whole organization or just the data function?

Our vision for data is to cultivate a data-informed culture that permeates the entire organization, extending beyond the data function within Condé Nast.


We aim to empower all departments with the data literacy and tools necessary to drive decision-making, innovation and user engagement across all brands, markets and audiences. This approach encourages both efficiency and creativity, fostering growth, sustainability and the creation of personalized experiences.


The ultimate goal is to make data the cornerstone of our organization, shaping not just our strategic decisions but also our approach to innovation and our commitment to delivering personalized experiences on a global scale. 


Have you been able to fix the data foundations of your organization, particularly with regard to data quality?

Yes, we’ve made significant strides in fortifying our data foundations at Condé Nast, placing a strong emphasis on data quality, integrity and standardization.  


We’ve implemented robust data governance practices and quality assurance processes to ensure data accuracy and consistency across the organization.  


Investments in technologies have been made to help us maintain clean, reliable and discoverable data. These measures include continuous data auditing, cleansing and standardization efforts, helping us maintain high-quality data and making it readily available across the entire organization. 

Jason Schmidt
Jason Schmidt
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