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Manik Gupta, North America Chief Analytics and Insights Officer, Bayer Consumer Health

Describe your career to date

In my role as the North America Chief Analytics and Insights Officer for Bayer Consumer Health, I am responsible for the bionic transformation of the business as we lean into our mission of #healthforall. 

North America Analytics and Insights is a profit center within the business that is driving significant growth in the top- and bottom-line. As the servant leader, I oversee multiple communities of practice (different from COEs which focus on standards) including human truths, consumer engagement, enterprise business intelligence, advanced analytics and data science, category insights and shopper growth, and decision science. I own and drive the generative AI (genAI) charter for the North America Consumer Health business.  

I also oversee the most diverse workforce associated with the NACH business with FTEs and FTCs spread across the US, Canada, India, The Philippines, and Colombia. 

Prior to Bayer Consumer Health, I ran Big Data Monetization for AT&T including the development and roll-out of multiple data products built on AT&T’s network, mobility, IoT, and media data assets. 

Over my career I have been a featured speaker at Emory University, Georgia Institute of Technology, and Cornell University, and has multiple industry speaking engagements including ThoughtSpot, CDO Magazine, Verizon CDO Day, and the Global CDO Institute.  

I have been recognized as: Top 100 AI Leaders in the US in 2023 by AIM, Top 10 Most Influential Data Leaders in US Pharma by AIM, and I have been appointed to a two-year term on Course5i’s Customer Advisory Board in 2023. 

Data literacy is a key enabler of the value and impact from data. How are you approaching this within your organization? 

We run a very sophisticated educational and training program surrounding data literacy that includes: 

  • The Analytics and Insights Academy for marketing. 

  • The Analytics and Insights Academy for sales. 

  • The Analytics and Insights Lyceum for all business units and supporting functions. 

  • Multiple tailored training programs for specific data products. 

  • Multiple office hours for hands-on practice. 

The primary purpose of our comprehensive training program is to enable every practitioner in the business to leverage data and analytics in their day-to-day job. 

What role do you play in building and delivering conventional AI solutions, including machine learning models? Are you involved in your organization’s adoptions of generative AI? 

At Bayer Consumer Health, we started implementing and embedding large language models use cases before ChatGPT made genAI commonplace in areas such as medical insights and large data search. There are additional genAI use cases under development ranging from creating better contracts to producing communication faster and cheaper, to managing data quality at scale to exploring self-care whitespace.  

Have you set out a vision for data? If so, what is it aiming for and does it embrace the whole organization or just the data function?  

Our vision is to engineer the bionic transformation of our business and prepare us for the genAI revolution by focusing on core ideas like hyper-agility, hyper-awareness, interconnected analytics, and sustained impact on the business and the communities we support. The vision applies to the full business, not just the data and analytics function. 

Manik Gupta
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