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Monica Kedzierski, Vice President, Global Data, Analytics and AI, Herbalife

Describe your career to date

As the Vice President of Global Data, Analytics and AI at Herbalife, I am recognized as a visionary leader skilled in crafting and implementing transformative initiatives in insights and analytics, modern data management, automation, and artificial intelligence (AI). With more than 20 years of expertise, my career trajectory includes pivotal roles in corporations such as Cisco, Harman (a Samsung Company), BorgWarner, and Ford Motor Company, where I led data-driven transformations across diverse sectors including high tech, consumer electronics, and automotive. 

I am renowned as a catalyst for change and celebrated for embedding analytics and AI into organizational cultures. My leadership approach empowers teams to embrace data-driven decision-making, which fosters growth, innovation, and talent development at all levels. Complementing my professional journey is an MBA from the University of Michigan, which enriches my ability to drive strategic initiatives.  

I am truly honored to be recognized as one of the top analytics leaders in the US with a coveted multi-industry award in data and analytics. As I help power the next wave of Herbalife’s digital transformation, my secret mantra is to build a robust and resilient data culture that delivers business impacts and connects people. 

How are you developing the data literacy of your organization, including the skills of your data teams and of your business stakeholders? 

Our approach to developing data literacy within our organization is multifaceted. We are facilitating the embrace of the AI revolution by simplifying complex concepts and guiding our workforce through the chaos surrounding technological advancements. We are also establishing a clear direction by building a Center of Excellence for data, automation, and AI, providing a dedicated space for expertise and support.  

To ensure relevance, we are focusing on business-aligned use cases, steering away from AI experiments that often lack clear benefits. Talent acquisition and internal development are paramount, with investments made in hiring the right individuals and fostering their growth through education and technology. 

Additionally, we are engaging with best-in-class partners who inspire innovation and accelerate our efforts.  

Alignment on a common vision and strategy for data and AI is achieved through collaborative efforts, ensuring all teams move in unison towards shared goals. Upholding governance and ethics standards are non-negotiable, with partnerships forged with legal, risk, and compliance functions to ensure ethical data practices. 

It is thrilling to execute these strategies, foster a culture of data literacy and equip both our data teams and business stakeholders with the necessary skills to navigate the evolving landscape of data and AI.  

​​How are you preparing your organization for AI adoption and change management?​ 

As a leader, I am orchestrating our organization’s readiness for AI adoption and change management through a holistic approach. We start with disseminating knowledge and developing awareness at all organizational levels about AI’s potential impact through workshops, training sessions, and communication initiatives.  

I strive to chart a clear path forward by aligning AI adoption with our overarching objectives, pinpointing key use cases, and establishing measurable goals and milestones. Collaborative teams consisting of data scientists, domain experts, IT specialists, and business leaders ensure diverse perspectives are integrated into AI projects.  

It is important to me to cultivate a proficient workforce that is adept at leveraging AI technologies, so we’ve built talent development programs and we offer training opportunities, certification support, and career pathways. Governance frameworks and ethical guidelines are rigorously established to regulate AI adoption, ensuring regulatory compliance, data privacy protection, and bias mitigation.  

I’m always advocating for phased AI implementation, starting with pilot projects to validate feasibility and value. Continual monitoring, feedback collection, and iterative improvements guarantee our organization’s preparedness and willingness to embrace AI’s potential while adeptly managing organizational change.  

Monica Kedzierski
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