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Sarah Moore, Data Strategy Director – Pet Nutrition Europe, Mars

Describe your career to date 

My career has been rooted in the world of data and analytics, using it to drive value for businesses and consumers alike. 

Following an early start learning the art of pricing and consumer modelling at HSBC, I embarked on a new journey at Sky. I was fortunate there to drive consumer analytics and targeting for the launches of products such as Sky BB, Sky HD and Sky Go, as well as building out viewing capability that supported the launch of AdSmart and bidding for numerous content deals such as the English Premiership. 


I spent many fruitful years at Sky, the last seven years of which I had the amazing opportunity to lead the data and analytics function for Sky’s streaming services across Europe, NOW. 


I led a team charged with making NOW data driven, through easy access to insight and information, and enabling more intelligent business decisions. We truly put personalisation at the heart of the consumer experience, both within our online journeys and the in-app viewing experience.


In the past year, I’ve joined Mars to take on a new challenge looking after our data strategy across Pet Nutrition in Europe, helping to build more relevant relationships with our “pet parents” across Europe through the use of data. Within the past year, we’ve set the stage on how we use data to drive our digital marketing agenda, building out mutual value exchanges with our consumers to capture a digital footprint that we can use to strengthen engagement even further.

What stage has your organisation reached on its data maturity journey? 

This is a hugely exciting time to be on the data journey in Mars Pet Nutrition, step changing from the more traditional use of data in consumer packaged goods. This enables us to optimise supply chain and retailer relationships to build and enhance more relevant one-to-one connections directly, not only for our nutrition brands but also connecting across all pet care products to drive a more integrated experience.


Tell us about the data and analytics resources you are responsible for

We’re at the start of the transformation at Mars, to enable our path I manage a small team of data evangelists across key markets in Europe. Leading not only the data acquisition strategy behind our Pet Nutrition brands but also how we turn that data into value through improved targeting, value-based rewards and optimised experiences; ensuring as we do so, we build robust data management as best practice.

What challenges do you see for data in the year ahead that will have an impact on your organisation and on the industry as a whole? 

The industry is moving quickly and, as we move out of the Covid era, not only have we seen a rise in the number of pet owners across Europe but also a drive to more online experiences. This creates the interesting dilemma of how we connect both more traditional retail analytics and insight with our direct channels to create a holistic view of shopper and consumer behaviour and needs.


Coupled with fast evolving technology, such as the introduction of new web tracking tools to the rise of retail media partnerships and clean rooms, the consumer packaged goods space is on a fascinating trajectory over the next few years.


Pet parent centricity is at the heart of our business strategy, so really focusing on how we plan to use the data and information we have to help our pet parents, coupled with bite-size training, ensures we take our organisation along this journey with us.


Have you set out a vision for data? If so, what is it aiming for and does it embrace the whole organisation or just the data function? 

At Mars, we have a lovely vision for all pet lovers out there to drive a more connected experience across our brands, really being there for them in those moments that matter, whether that be the early stages of choosing a pet, introducing them to your home, everyday life or senior care. As the voice of our pet parents, data is at the centre of this strategy, understanding their unmet needs, using that insight to identify and connect with more pet parents and driving a more relevant optimised experience is critical to its success.

Have you been able to fix the data foundations of your organisation, particularly with regard to data quality?

The beautiful part of being at the start of this journey is we get to build the data foundations as we mean to go on. Ensuring we have aligned standards on our data integrity, definitions, traceability and security.

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