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Steve Janoo, Chief Data Analytics Officer and Digital Technology Senior Vice President, Diageo

Describe your career to date


My career can be summarised as one of delivering rapid growth, and business results, by leveraging the latest digital technology and data capabilities. I have more than 20 years’ experience shaping strategy and driving business transformation across the end-to-end value chain in global organisations.


Throughout my career at Dyson, I led the delivery of multiple transformation programmes to enable a five-time growth in profit, a 75% pivot towards direct-to-consumer sales, the launch of Dyson’s first connected product, and the launch of MyDyson app.

A critical enabler for these results was the architecture and implementation of Dyson’s data platform, and a shift of the data operating model. This effectively enabled the broader Dyson organisation to leverage this capability, drive advanced analytics at scale, personalise engagement with owners, and deliver unique experiences.


In my current role, I am now shaping the future of Diageo through data, analytics, insights, and AI, enabled by digital technology. Diageo is a complex global organisation of over 200 brands, 27,000 people, over 180 locations, and revenues of £17 billion.


In this role, I have responsibility for shaping Diageo into one of the best performing, most trusted, and respected consumer products companies in the world. My aim is to achieve this using the power of data insights and technology to maximise the value and full potential of digital and data solutions across 180 global markets.


My focus is delivering differentiated and innovative data products, advanced analytics, and business insights to drive competitive advantage with data – and increasingly AI – as the next frontier for digital transformation.

Data literacy is a key enabler of the value and impact from data. How are you approaching this within your organisation?


Data literacy is one of the essential power skills that have been identified for all our people and is a core part of our digital transformation and data culture within Diageo. To support this, we are implementing the following initiatives to improve data literacy across the organisation:

  • We are rolling out a number of capability development programmes with tailored learning journeys, online courses and workshops on data fundamentals, data security and ethics, data analysis, data visualisation, and data storytelling;
  • The creation of a data literacy framework that defines the core competencies and learning outcomes for each level of data proficiency, from beginner to expert;
  • We are establishing a data literacy community of practice, where employees can share best practices, learn from each other, and access relevant resources and tools, including establishing a mentoring programme;
  • We are embedding data literacy into our talent development processes, to ensure that data skills are recognised and rewarded;
  • Capability development and user-centric design is a core part of all transformation programmes to enable adoption, utilisation, and ultimately business value beyond delivery of any technical solution or product.

Data literacy is a critical enabler to deliver on our vision to become the best data insights-driven consumer product company. Unleashing the power of data enables us to make better decisions, at speed, to drive business performance, and build trust in the data and how we use it effectively.

Have you set out a vision for data? If so, what is it aiming for and does it embrace the whole organisation or just the data function?

Our data analytics and insights vision is to become the best data insights-driven consumer product company, unleashing the power of data to drive competitive advantage. This includes:

  • Building trust in the data and how we use it effectively;
  • Enabling better and more timely decisions to drive business performance, enabling enterprise agility;
  • Enabling new and personalised experiences that unlock value for our people, consumers, customers, and partners.

Supporting this vision, we are leading a transformation in a number of key enablers including embedding user-centric experiences and ways of working, establishing an inter-connected data ecosystem, and providing capabilities to support self-service and democratisation of data, analytics, and insights across the organisation.


The vision for data goes beyond solely what we are delivering within the centralised data analytics and insights function. It is aligned and agreed more broadly with the ambition and vision for the larger digital and technology function, data analytics community, and business leadership across Diageo.

Steve Janoo
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